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ePub Maker is a practical tool to convert text from Word to ePub format in a really easy way, making the text compatible with any ebook reader.

This professional converter works with most text formats, so there won't be compatibility issues with any ebook, though it focuses mainly on the ePub format. You can convert DOC, DOCX, and RTF files to ePub.

What can ePub Maker do? Among other things, it can create ebooks with a professional look, as well as flyers and other documents compatible with most ebook readers.

Besides all this, ePub Maker includes an editor for other information for the text to be converted, such as the title, author, cover, and chapter separation.

- Supports HTM, HTML, DOC, DOX, and RTF.
- Needs Microsoft Word installed.


Editing options are deactivated in the trial version.

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